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  • Walk individually or in teams (departments, cities, countries, etc.).
  • Personalize the challenge based on the company goals and visual identity.
  • Send educational messages about healthiness, sustainability, sustainable mobility, etc.
  • Motivate colleagues with special prizes and certificates.
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Virtual trees


  • Walk short distances instead of driving.
  • Grow virtual trees by walking and lower your CO2 emission.

7 707


Number of companies that participated in #walk15 challenge.
apeita aplink Žemės rutulį

4 013,884

trips around the Earth

After counting all the steps collected using #walk15, this is how many times app users walked around the Earth. It takes 50 million steps to walk around the Earth.
užauginta virtualių medžių

742 568 547,23

virtual trees grown

The number of virtual trees corresponds to the number of real trees we employ to absorb the CO2 emission, produced if the same distance was covered by a car.
real trees planted

40 000

real trees planted

The number of real trees planted by participating in step challenges.
nueita iki Marso


trips to Mars

The distance walked by app users is equal to that many trips to Mars.

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VMG Group

In the middle of the challenge, we realized how useful it was to everybody. Our Step challenge promoted teamwork and active leisure. Personally, I made such changes: I started walking to and from work. After looking at the statistics, I realized that my day was quite active, as I walked a total of 15 km. What is more, those kilometers turned into steps for my team. It is an amazing tool for companies to encourage their employees to spend their free time more actively and to boost unity.

Šiaulių Bankas

• We invited our employees to travel around Lithuania by following certain tracks. For that, we found a great partner that offered an innovative solution - #walk15. In other words, they exceeded our expectations. All we had to do was to create the guidelines for our project. After that, the fun begun. Employees were knocking on each other‘s office doors and asking if they had downloaded the app, discussing their results. About 80% of the team was involved. We think that the competition was very successful. People were traveling around Lithuania, walking, and taking care of their health. We will continue this project in the future!


#walk15 helped us create a really fun project – Regitra OP! Its goal was to encourage our employees to move and take better care of their health. We are very happy with the results. A lot of employees got involved in the project! Even though we are working far away from each other and live in different cities, this Step challenge helped unite the team. We formed healthy habits that stayed. Even the meetings and discussions moved outside!
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2022-09-16 08:15:13

Lithuania is becoming an example of sustainable mobility - a steps discount on a train ticket
In Europe's quest to become a climate-neutral continent, sustainable mobility initiatives aim to encourage people to choose more sustainable lifestyles and, at the same time, sustainable mobility alternatives. According to t...

2022-09-16 07:51:55

The National Mobility Challenge returns on the first day of European Mobility Week
On the first day of the European Mobility Week - September 16 - the Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania and the #walk15 app invite you to join the Lithuanian National Mobility Challenge. European Mobility Week is the ...

2022-09-15 16:20:18

100 European cities are walking for sustainability - 10,000 trees will be planted
With sustainability and the environment topics at the top of every country's priority list today, 100 European cities have taken a significant step forward to become communities that officially aim to become climate neutral ...

2022-09-09 15:04:11

How many steps people from different countries take?
Just 30 minutes of daily walking has many different benefits for our bodies. Walking improves heart function, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, helps prevent back pain, strengthens leg muscles, helps manage stress, reduc...

2022-08-18 16:02:08

Growing everyday - new team member has joined #walk15 in Denmark
#walk15 team in Denmark is happy to congratulate a new member - Jean-Christelle. Being an experienced Event and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working within various fields, JC will make the Danish team even ...

2022-03-10 16:17:11

Danish companies plant trees with their steps
A number of Danish companies are currently participating in a walking challenge in the app #walk15, where employees' steps are converted into real trees. They will be planted by the Growing Trees Network in the new Danish Fo...
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