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Employee engagement with the help of a mobile app.
Healthiness, sustainability, and team building.

step challenges
step challenges
STARTstep challenges
2 €per person/month
The best plan competing individually.
WALKstep challenges
5 €per person/month
The most popular plan! Provides option to walk in teams.
PLANETstep challenges
9 €per person/month
The price includes planting a tree for participant's collected steps during the challenge.

How does it work?

step challenges

1. Select a plan and a preliminary number of challenge participants.

step challenges

2. Find out the price of the challenge.

step challenges

3. Create a challenge.

App doesn't record your location, works globally, multilingual (25 languages)

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4 €
2 €
per person/month
Possibility to choose challenge length
Participants walk individually
Unlimited participant number
Personalized challenge
Notifications to the participants
Multilangual (23 languages)


5 €
per person/month
Early challenge registration
Participants can walk in teams
Weekly challenge reports
Walker of the week diplomas
Plus START plan


9 €
per person/month
Tree planted for every participant
Internal communication package
Virtual diplomas to the participants
Personal client manager
Plus WALK plan

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#walk15 steps challenge!

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step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challenges
step challengesstep challenges
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step challenges

In the middle of the challenge, we realized how useful it was to everybody. Our Step challenge promoted teamwork and active leisure. Personally, I made such changes: I started walking to and from work. After looking at the statistics, I realized that my day was quite active, as I walked a total of 15 km. What is more, those kilometers turned into steps for my team. It is an amazing tool for companies to encourage their employees to spend their free time more actively and to boost unity.


VMG Group

We invited our employees to travel around Lithuania by following certain tracks. For that, we found a great partner that offered an innovative solution - #walk15. In other words, they exceeded our expectations. All we had to do was to create the guidelines for our project. After that, the fun begun. Employees were knocking on each other‘s office doors and asking if they had downloaded the app, discussing their results. About 80% of the team was involved. We think that the competition was very successful. People were traveling around Lithuania, walking, and taking care of their health. We will continue this project in the future!


Šiaulių Bankas

step challenges

#walk15 helped us create a really fun project – Regitra OP! Its goal was to encourage our employees to move and take better care of their health. We are very happy with the results. A lot of employees got involved in the project! Even though we are working far away from each other and live in different cities, this Step challenge helped unite the team. We formed healthy habits that stayed. Even the meetings and discussions moved outside!



Frequently asked questions

What is a step challenge?

It is a tool used by businesses and communities to engage their employees and members on healthiness and sustainability topics.

How does the step challenge work?

Participants of the step challenge are united to get educated about healthiness, sustainability, sustainable mobility, etc. During the duration of the step challenge, its participants receive text and/or visual notifications with information about desired topics.

What data can be provided by step challenges?

Step challenges provide such data:
o personal and overall steps walked;
o walked distance to a specific object/city/goal (e.g., around the world);
o virtual trees grown;
o real trees grown, which later can be planted in vacant forest areas.
Each week, #walk15 sends out a challenge report, which shows the most active walkers, average number of steps taken, etc. For their efforts, step challenge participants can be awarded with prizes, sustainable certificates, or virtual diplomas.

What are the virtual trees?

Virtual trees are one of the few #walk15 functionalities that allow users to see their personal CO2 footprint and encourage them to lower their own emission even more. Virtual trees, which are grown when walking, represent a number of real trees it would take to absorb CO2 if the same distance were covered by a car.
We'll answer all your questions
step challengesstep challenges
More about the benefits of step challenges and good company practices!

Book a free 15-minute video introduction with #walk15 team.