To the team of #walk15 – through volunteering

To the team of #walk15 – through volunteering

The team of the #walk15 app continues to grow. Starting from September, a new project manager position in the #walk15 office will be taken by Ula Liaudytė. What is interesting, Ula is already well acquainted with the team. The new project manager of #walk15 got into this position not through regular hiring processes but through volunteering.

In 2016 Ula started volunteering at the walking event, organized by #walk15. This event grew into the biggest healthiness initiative in Lithuania, called the “IKI Walking Competition”, which attracts more than 30k participants per year. Year after year, by contributing to the development of the event, Ula not only got to know the app well but also became a close colleague of the entire #walk15 team.

“Each member of the #walk15 team can tell a different, unusual story of how they joined the team. Ula is no exception – the decision made five years ago to volunteer for a one-day event has, over time, brought us a promising project manager,” says Vlada Musvydaitė, the founder and CEO of the mobile app #walk15.

The new project manager is happy to contribute to the Lithuanian-born start-up.

“I am very happy to not only be a part of the development of a Lithuanian start-up but also to contribute to the implementation of sustainability ideas close to me. Working in this team at each stage gave me more and more new experience and knowledge. It is exciting to be able to see #walk15’s growth from the start,” says Ula.

Further development of the team is planned shortly. The main focus – sales professionals.