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Private steps challenges for companies

We offer you a private steps challenge on a mobile app #walk15. It is a great way to engage with your team, to prosper the values of healthiness, and to build a sense of team spirit in an innovative and safe way.

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This number illustrates how many private walking challenges companies have already created in the #walk15 app.

648 Private companies challenges created

The distance around the Earth is 50,000,000 steps. While walking in the challenge you can track how many times your team managed to walk around the globe.

921 Times walked around the world

The virtual trees grown during the challenge correspond to the number of real ones you would employ to process CO2 if you covered the same distance by car.

164 441 597 Virtual trees grown

How does it work?

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What is a step challenge?

It is a tool used by businesses and communities to engage their employees and members on healthiness and sustainability topics.

How does the step challenge work?

Participants of the step challenge are united to get educated about healthiness, sustainability, sustainable mobility, etc. During the duration of the step challenge, its participants receive text and/or visual notifications with information about desired topics.

What data can be provided by step challenges?

Step challenges provide such data:
o personal and overall steps walked;
o walked distance to a specific object/city/goal (e.g., around the world);
o virtual trees grown;
o real trees grown, which later can be planted in vacant forest areas.
Each week, #walk15 sends out a challenge report, which shows the most active walkers, average number of steps taken, etc. For their efforts, step challenge participants can be awarded with prizes, sustainable certificates, or virtual diplomas.

What are the virtual trees?

Virtual trees are one of the few #walk15 functionalities that allow users to see their personal CO2 footprint and encourage them to lower their own emission even more. Virtual trees, which are grown when walking, represent a number of real trees it would take to absorb CO2 if the same distance were covered by a car.

How can virtual trees be turned into real trees and be planted?

The #walk15 app lets you choose whether or not your steps should be converted into real trees. At the end of the step challenge, its organizer decides if real trees should be planted in a certain area. This way, healthiness and environmental values are promoted.

How can I create a step challenge?

A step challenge can be created by contacting the #walk15 team, providing certain information, and joining a free trial. If you are satisfied with the result, in order to create a challenge others can join, you should share the idea of a challenge (description and visuals), duration, and decide if steps should be collected individually or in teams.

What is a #walk15 step wallet?

Another feature of the #walk15 app that aids in the formation of healthier and more environmentally friendly habits is the step wallet. It has various #walk15 partner offers—mainly discounts (bought with steps) for specific products.

Can my product/services be offered in step wallet?

Of course! For more details, please contact

Who can create and upload tracks on the #walk15 app?

Anyone can create and upload tracks on the #walk15 app. It is a virtual tool that allows sharing tracks in an easy and sustainable way for everybody. Track creators who wish to have their tracks uploaded to the #walk15 app should contact
Tracks can have several stops with text, visual, and/or audio information.

Where does the #walk15 app work?

The #walk15 app works globally.

In what languages does #walk15 operate?

The #walk15 app operates in 16 different languages: Lithuanian, English, Latvian, Estonian, Belarusian, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Turkish, Russian, and Hebrew.

Does the app track the user’s location?

No, the #walk15 app does not track the user’s location.

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    Duration - 15-30 minutes.