The steps journey of European basketball clubs – almost twice around the Earth

16 countries. 38 major European basketball clubs. Thousands of fans. 88 million steps. 335 thousand virtual trees. 12 thousand kilograms of CO2 saved. Almost twice around the Earth in four days! On 8-11 of February, […]


European basketball clubs throw a steps challenge – which club will walk more?

The biggest European basketball clubs started February by sharing an invitation to their fans – ‘Let’s walk together!’. The teams of the “Turkish Airlines Euroleague” and the “7DAYS EuroCup” have invited their communities to join […]


First steps forest was planted in Vilnius

In the spring, the insurance company ERGO, which is celebrating its anniversary, invited people to participate in the special steps challenge “A thousand reasons to walk with ERGO”. The company promised to turn steps into […]

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Luminor, together with mobile app #walk15, encourages to save a million steps

Starting from the 13th of July, mobile app #walk15 and Luminor bank initiated a special walking challenge – “Million steps with Luminor”. The goal of it is to encourage physical activity and to help to […]


Special Earth Day’s initiative – grow 1000 real trees by walking

On the 20th of March, we celebrate World Earth Day. 🌎 On this occasion, a special and unique initiative is launched on the #walk15 app – “A Thousand Reasons to Walk with ERGO” steps challenge. […]